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"Know you got a great deal, don't hope you did"

Taking back financial control of your car deal! 




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My Story

Nicole Markson is an Automotive Expert, with over 20 Years experience in the automotive field.   She is a graduate of New York University and The National Automobile Dealers Association Dealer Candidate Academy where she earned her is certification to operate an automobile dealership.  She started out studying Theater and communications at NYU and studying voice to become a singer.  She began working in the family business at the dealership as a means to earn a living while pursuing her musical career.  As time went on, she decided to enter into the family business.  Working her way through the ranks, she held positions such as Sales Manager, General Manager and Finance Director and specialized in working with credit challenged customers. It was at this juncture, she discovered her passion for helping women secure the right deal to meet their individual life circumstances.  She realized women needed a compassionate, transparent, fair approach to the purchasing process and weren’t being taken seriously.  

With 15 years under her belt, she left the family business to launch her own automotive consultancy Auto Empowerment, which evolved into Car Savvy Consulting, a company dedicated to changing the purchasing experience women and are subjected to at auto dealerships by recognizing women as a major consumer force.  Her goal is to help clients create economic stability by taking back financial control of their car deals, their lives and their financial destiny so they are no longer afraid to deal with money matters.  By serving as a personal guide through the purchasing/leasing process, women are able to make informed financial choices, and use the experience to build confidence in the rest of their lives. Nicole’s philosophy is that “a deal is not a deal unless it works for you and everybody’s life circumstance is unique and deserves careful evaluation in order to execute the right purchasing strategy.” Nicole has helped plenty of men along the way and welcomes them as well.

Nicole, dedicated to being a leader in her field, created a video educational series dedicated to teaching women and teens strategies for negotiating amazing deals. She is a radio host on “The Autolab” a live call in automotive talk show in NYC which educates listeners on automotive matters.  She has, conducted interviews with Consumer Reports, The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), and leading manufacturers.  She has written articles for She Buys Cars,, Vroom Girls and has been quoted in Forbes and has appeared as an Automotive Expert on ABC World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer, Nightline, and CNBC’s Closing Bell.  Most recently, she co-authored the bestselling book SUCCESSONOMICS, with Steve Forbes making her a bestselling Author. 

Nicole conducts her own educational seminars and is a public speaker. She covers a range of topics on financial education and personal development. She is also a Breast Cancer Survivor and shares her survival story to help newly diagnosed women make informed choices about their treatment… and How to recover a full life after experiencing a life altering circumstance so they can Survive, Strive, and Thrive after experiencing an illness. 

An avid life learner, she loves reading business books, attending business and motivational seminars, working on real estate projects, taking spin classes, recording music, and can be found weighing in at Weight Watchers.  She adores spending time with her wonderful husband Jed, amazing daughter, and their fluffy Shitzu-Poodle Goldie. 

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After getting an enthusiastic recommendation from our highly trusted mechanic, we decided to reach out to Nicole Markson as a possible resource in our search for a new car. My husband and I are both busy professionals, but aren't necessarily averse to doing the work involved in purchasing a new vehicle. We decided to enlist Mrs. Markson's help. We are so very glad we did!! Because of her longstanding relationship with various car dealerships, and her determined and friendly personality, Nicole was immediately about to locate a vehicle that met with our requirements. I think if we had tried to search on our own we would have met with an extended wait time. She arranged all of the paperwork and made the transaction easier than we could have ever imagined. She also negotiated a great price on the new car and saved us entire days of being on the phone and traveling to car dealers. We appreciated that she followed up with us on every step of the purchase so we were always in the loop. Nicole Markson is a true professional whom I would hire again without a second thought!

Melissa Easton

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